Value Creation Canvas

Value Creation CANVAS

Manage change projects successfully

For change projects, the formation of a team that works together in a trusting and focused manner is a decisive success factor. In order to promote this team development process and thus manage change processes more successfully, the Value Creation CANVAS was developed.

On the Value Creation CANVAS, the central dimensions of a change process are logically structured. The CANVAS is an ideal communication platform to involve all stakeholders in the design process and to promote a co-creative, trusting collaboration. The meta-perspective on the change process leads to more clarity and to a uniform view of the success-relevant levers. This enables bottlenecks to be identified early, put to a stop together, and resources can be optimally utilized. Better coordination and optimization of processes saves time, reduces errors and avoids delays and conflicts. The project can therefore be completed faster, more professionally and with higher added value.


The methodology is consistently geared towards the added value of a change:

  • Joint focus within the interdisciplinary team
  • Clarity about the processes, decisions and goals
  • Alignment of resources with the value added processes
  • Transparency of the value chain up to the customer
  • Motivation for co-creative cooperation


The methodology solves the core problems that often arise in change processes:

  • Resistance to the change, by
    different interests and disregard in decisions.
  • Time and resource waste due to mismatched processes.
  • Delays until all employees are convinced of the benefits of change.


Change projects at team, department and company level, for example:

  • New ambitious goals
  • Change of strategy
  • Implementation of new systems
  • Introduction of agile methods and tools
  • Development of innovative products
  • Agile transition of the company
  • Digitization of the business model
  • Implementation of a new business model (Business Development or Startup)