Digital Transformation

The Vision: Very Fast Digital Transformation


Enterprises wants a very fast digital transformation of their business model. As smoothly as possible without conflicts with people.

When it comes to implementation, you realize that digital transformation depends on two things. Business agility and Empowerment.

The main question is how to manage the complex transformation process in parallel with your current business.

To manage the Complex Transformation Process you need a big picture to put it all together. Cultural change and agile leadership. Governance model and organisation. Networks and co-creation. People and processes. As well as work space and technology.

You need methods like Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Agile Transition Framework, Agile Leadership Canvas and the unique Added Value Canvas.

With the Value Creation CANVAS we gain a better understanding and a higher acceptance for the essential business processes in our team. The compact and pictorial representation helps us to recognize potentials faster and to use resources effectively and customer-centered.

Klaus Schein, the creator of the value creation canvas, has a solid background in marketing, sales and transformation projects. He worked for blue chip companies like Hewlett Packard, General Electric and Rockwell Automation. His references include big companies like Bosch and Samsung as well as small companies like Viomatic and Delta Project.

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Business Agility

Agility is a fundamental contribution to digital transformation. Agility includes four mutually supportive levels:

  1. Agility of the corporate culture – influences the mindset and leadership style
  2. Agility of the business model – with focus on digitization in the VUCA ecosystem
  3. Agility of structures – to establish self-organized value networks
  4. Agility of business processes – for flexible adaptation to change

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