Agile Canvas

Agile Canvas

Successfully shaping the future of the company

The Agile Leadership Canvas is a model for designing a tailor-made management culture of the company. The logical structure of the Agile Leadership Canvas provides a clear picture of the culture and form of future collaboration. The advantage of visualization: You can design the development process together with your colleagues and employees. The canvas is an ideal means of brainstorming, structuring and decision-making. Through participation, you are already showing your employees where the path to digitization is leading: towards more openness, transparency and self-determination.

In a trusting corporate culture, the willingness to change and learn to grow faster. An agile culture is the key to implementing digital business models.


At the heart of the Agile Leadership Canvas is the multidisciplinary, self-organized team. This area can be used for the questions and answers as well as for the graphical representation of the team structure or the change processes.
The framework for the leadership of the team is formed by nine dimensions:

management culture
leadership roles
success factors


The Agile Leadership Canvas is under Creative Commons License CC BY-SA (Attribution – Share Alike). This license allows others to distribute, remix, enhance and build on the work, including commercial ones, as long as the author of the original is named and the new works based on the new work are published under the same conditions.

Business Agility Canvas – created by AGILYZER
Klaus Schein on 05.05.2018

The questions of the Agile Leadeship Canvas in the picture are of course only exemplary.